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Physiques By PT is a Personal Training and Consulting Company whose focus is on the individual and developing unique programs that ensure your success in the gym as well as outside in the real world.

Our primary philosophy is based on the concepts of Functional Fitness!

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Concentrating on the body as a whole, you will gain a new level of confidence not only in appearance but also in ability. The benefit of having a toned body that not only looks good but also performs great will take your confidence to the next level. This confidence will allow you to take on new challenges that you might never have dreamed possible! Water skiing, Surfing, Running, Walking a charity race or even Mountain climbing!

At Physiques By PT our goal is to enable you to achieve those goals and help you set your standards higher. We have the knowledge and skill to improve performance, reduce risk of injury, and build core strength, a necessary component of life and sport.

What is Functional Fitness?

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