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What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is purposeful training that provides optimal health. This is accomplished through integration of the muscles and nervous system and not the isolation of muscles. You might hear us use terms such as neuromuscular connection, which essentially means training the body as it was meant to function in all activities, whether it is reaching into the trunk of your car or swinging a golf club. To put it simply your brain and nervous system are trained along side your muscles which together form your body…Team Body!

If you want your team to succeed it has to learn how to work as a unit, and that’s functional. Lifting a 50-pound suitcase, that’s functional. Sitting on machine pushing a fixed handle with a stack of weights attached to it is not functional.

With functional fitness most of the time you are standing on your feet supporting and balancing your own weight when you lift, push or pull anything. Blending strength training (isolation) with functional exercise teaches the body how to work together. The weak muscles get stronger and the strong muscles are better balanced, this leads to less injury and positive outcomes. Functional training is far more neurologically demanding than machine exercises.

At the heart of function is the strength of the core muscles of your body. Where is this Core? If you draw an imaginary horizontal line from under your arms to the tops of your legs…yes that’s it and no it’s not your abs alone. So basically your core doesn’t have limbs. A tree stands tall because it has a sturdy trunk, not because its tree limbs are pretty to look at. Most people focus on the pretty tree limbs, and not the trunk.

Functional Training will make everyday activities easier, reduce the risk and injury, improve the your quality of life AND give you a great physique. A great Physique By PT.

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